Media Appearances

C-Span: American History TV, “Daniel Gagnon, A Salem Witch” book talk. Recorded October 2022 in Salem, Mass. Broadcast date January 14, 2023. Online here.

Salem News, “C-SPAN to feature Danvers historian Daniel Gagnon Saturday,” January 12. 2023. Front Page. Online here.

Thou Shalt Not Suffer: The Witch Trial Podcast. “Rebecca Nurse of Salem with Dan Gagnon.” Air date December 29, 2022. Online here.

Arlington Community Media TV, September 30, 2022. “A Tale of Two Witch Cities.” Appeared as a subject matter expert discussing Salem Village. Online here.

WWLP-TV, Mass Appeal, October 29, 2021. “Debunking common misconceptions about the Salem Witch Trials.” Appeared as a subject matter expert. Online here.

“Where it all began: Danvers tour visits sites that sparked witch hysteria.” Salem News. August 24, 2021. Front page.

Nolan, Erin. “Rebecca Nurse Homestead Celebrates Nurse’s 400th Birthday with Postcards.” Salem News, March 4, 2021. Here.

Nolan, Erin. “Happy Birthday, Rebecca Nurse.” Danvers Magazine, Summer 2021, 30-33.

Nolan, Erin. “Lost Gravestones Return: Discarded Markers Get Attention in Rebecca Nurse Homestead Cemetery.” Salem News, September 24, 2020. Front page.

Livestreamed tour of the Rebecca Nurse Homestead as part of America’s Summer Roadtrip 2020. I was one of 12 historians chosen to present from one of 12 significant sites in American history
Rebecca Nurse Homestead – America’s Summer Roadtrip

“Rebecca Nurse Homestead Museum to be featured in ‘America’s Summer Roadtrip.’” Danvers Herald, July 28, 2020. Here.

Peabody Weekly News, 2/13/2020

Diamantides, Alyse. “A Puzzle From the Past: Teacher, Researcher Dives into Unexplored Territory of the Salem Witch Trials.” Danvers Magazine, Fall 2019.

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